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  • Conteúdo Similar

    • Por espalha
      Finally Thargus is Online!
      It’s been a while since we announced that we are working on a new server and as promised, we would notify you as we got closer and we can now finally say that we are at that point.

      The past weeks we have been busy starting up Thargus as a business in Brazil, it’s our first time trying to run a business and it’s not as easy as one might think to get started. We registered as a business because it makes things easier for us and shows that we’re serious about what we’re doing. We’re not just starting up the server to close it the next month. This also means that we’re changing donations into purchases but it doesn’t change the payment process, and we will still be using money to improve the servers to provide you with the best experience.
      IP: thargus.servegame.com
      Registre-se para ver link(s).

      So what’s new? What have we been working on? What can you expect to see? Game protocol 8.6 10.00 - 11.46 Market system Added Razachai and Zao custom Added revamped areas, Isle of Nightmare, Roshamuz and others areas Added a task system with daily quests It is now possible to buy blank runes, and sell spellwands to magic shopkeepers Cast system Fixed a lot of random map bugs Adding several other quests Hunting in a party with share experience will grant a large experience bonus Completing quest chains will grant players a lot of experience Corrected many item attributes Prey system Imbuing system (pendent) A completely new website for the new server  
      What have we done to make it fun and easy to play? First, we created characters of each vocation and tried playing them to Level 50, wrote down what was boring, at what points a certain vocation required better items and how they would get gold for equipment and runes. Our conclusion were that the following changes had to be made:
      We get all npcs of loots and added in one, Djinn, Rashid, Farmine, All in one Players will receive a sum of crystal coins at certain levels to help them buy equipment, runes, promotion or perhaps a house.  
      We bring a single task system, you can choose two types of hunting, normal or daily, having different rewards, quantities and daily box.
      You will always know how many monsters you have killed and when they will end. all the rewards of the daily task, win gift box, being able to use 1x per day, having rewards addon items. having more than one, you can click on the gif and know the exact time of the team, until you can use another.  
      Quendor Boat Npc of Ammunition Npc of Task Added others on map Autoloot with gold going to the bank (automatic) Some hunts have been modified  
      Added Pirate Island & Nargor Added Canavera Added Ferumbras Tower Npcs de Addon scattered Quendor Added Powergamers on website Added NPC Yasir Now when you give lock, the task rank appears Added Gold Token. Troll Rotworm Cyclops Minotaur Wyvern Wyrm Frost Dragon Hydra Dragon Lord Dragon Behemoth Asures; Giant Spider Bog Raider Hellspawn Nightmare Grim Reaper Ghastly Dragon Undead Dragon Guzzlemaw Kollos Lizard High Guard Draken Warmaster Necromancer Hero Black Knight Sea Serpent Serpent Spawn Medusa Quara Predator all these monsters have a 3% chance to drop.  
      Added Yana (To buy a Yana weapon, you must have the tokens in your backpack and speak hi - gold - mayhem / carving / remedy - type of weapon - yes.) Fixed visual effect on boats NPC NPCs use money from your bank (like global) Fixed missing item names Fixed a few map bugs.  






      We appreciate your patience, but sometimes it’s difficult for us to find time as we’re still living our normal lives - meaning that we work and go to school which takes a large amount of our time as well. We’re working on this as a hobby, because we feel that it’s fun and we hope you will enjoy playing on our server just as much as we enjoy working on it. We have set a release date and we plan on announcing it soon. Hang in there!
      Kind regards,
      The Thargus Team.
    • Por KNightmare Proj
      Shadow Azeroth
      - Base no Azeroth 1.1
      - Implementando Novos Sistemas/Eventos
      - Novas quests e items editados
      - Novas Hunts
      - Novas Vocations
      - Novas Spells
      - Gesior sendo adaptado
      - Quando tudo estiver pronto, estarei disponibilizando download.

      Registre-se para ver link(s).

      IP: shadowazeroth.ddns.net
    • Por corujinha11
      Olá, estou passando para apresentar novo server, mapa próprio, aberto ontem:
      Registre-se para ver link(s).

      *Caso você não tenha tibia 8.60 instalado, baixe no site!*
      - Base mapa Baiak.
      - Exp 999 com estágios
      - Site
      - Vip 1,2,3,4
      - Área donate
      - Itens VIP
      - Itens donate
      - System dodge e critical
      - Staff sempre irá lhe atender e tirar as dúvidas.
      - Inicio com um item grátis
      - Promoção de point's
      Versão: 8.60
      Registre-se para ver link(s).

      Registre-se para ver attachment(s).

      Registre-se para ver attachment(s).

      Registre-se para ver attachment(s).

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      Registre-se para ver attachment(s).
    • Por JeanFrancoQ

      -Nuevo Server De Naruto Wosbr Via [HAMACHI]<
      *Exp Rate: Medio
      *Versión : 8.54
      #Varias zonas Para Hunt
      #Poi Quest
      kit Inicial Desde 08/10/17 hasta 10/10/17
      Los que Inviten Jugadores se Le Dara Una Pet Box
      Salas De Hamachi red:
      Clave De Las Red: wosbr
      Registre-se para ver link(s).

      Registre-se para ver attachment(s).
    • Por XZero
      Registre-se para ver link(s).
      - Profission System 
      - Craft System
      - Addon System 100% [ Fly, Surf, Ride,Moves]
      - Bonus de Status em pokes com addon
      - Mega Evolution
      - Embedded Tower
      - Ditto , Shiny Ditto System
      - Ditto Memory 
      - Muitos Shinys 
      - Varias Quests
      - Arena X
      - Varias Pokeballs 
      - Boost Stone System
      - Bike , Robo , Moto [ Robo da + HP ]
      - Shiny Stone
      - Fly , Surf , Ride 100%
      - Systema de Pesca por level
      - Exp Cath
      - Ghost System [ Y - Ghost Tbm Funciona ]
      - Held System [ Todos Funcionando ]
      - Mapa Unico
       SITE: Registre-se para ver link(s).

      Facebook: Registre-se para ver link(s).


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