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    • Por ROTS





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    • Por TiagoBordin1988
      Quando criar char por aqui como mostra na foto:

      Os Players nascem com a Town ID numero 2 e com Residence: Cidade VIP 1
      Cidade VIP 1 = Town ID 2.
      Queria que os players quando criarem char ficasse com Town ID 1 que é a cidade principal.
      Lista de Towns IDs em Config.php
      Registre-se para ver spoiler(s).
      Se precisarem ver outros arquivos é só falar o nome que posto aqui, desde já agradeço a vocês do Xtibia.
    • Por GMSeya


      Website: Registre-se para ver link(s).

      Client: 8.0 albo 8.1
      Start: 16.11.2017

      Magic level x5
      Skills x4
      Loot x2

      stage exp:
      1 - 8 x10
      9 - 20 x8
      21 - 35 x6
      36 - 999 x4

      Task system.
      Rook system.
      Raid system.

      Mana fluid system (After use disappear vial)

      1 drunk fluid is one Point.
      1 point can be exchanged for 5 gp.
      200 points can be exchanged for Lottery ticket.

      Removed weapons level limit Now you can use all weapons as you will.


      Custom Quests

    • Por XoderaEvil
      Olá, procuro um servidor 7.4 antibot com mapa global e hunts editadas, similar ao medivia, com client tibiacam, cast, sistema de premium, items vip e site bom. Quero servidor testado, sem bugs, pagamento em espécie, transferência bancária, pagseguro, paypal, o que quiser.
      Whatsapp: 24999248330
    • Por Extrodus
      Solarus Real Tibia 8.6  
      Registre-se para ver link(s).

      The server has been fully tested and is ready for public release. We have worked hard on the server to make it balanced and fun to play. With many ways to earn free Premium Points; any team can strive to be the best without any money being spent

      Daily Events & Raids encourage interaction with other players, and our Unique Systems will re-define your Tibia gaming experience. Join us today and be apart of the fun!

      Server Information:
      Website: Registre-se para ver link(s).
      | Port: 7171
      Stages: 120x - 2x | Skills: 18x | Magic: 12x | Loot: 3x
      PvP: Earn .1% of your victims experience.
      Map: Full Global Map + New Content

      -Friendly Shop System with easy ways to earn points.
      -Unique Magical Items dropped by monsters.
      -Free Protection until Level 80 (PvP/Bless).
      -Vocation Based Rewards during leveling.
      -Fun Events like Team Battle, CTF, Zombies, LMS.
      -Earn Points by Levels (200;30, 250;50, 300;100)
      -Offline Trainers, and much more!