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Olá Tibiano! Notamos que você está com um adblocker ligado... 

Nós promovemos servidores dentro da comunidade, para que eles tenham visibilidade.

Por favor, nos ajude a continuar promovendo esses servidores. Adicione nosso domínio na whitelist de seu adblocker, ok? :)


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  1. Blez

    poketibia PokeVerse

    Ripped client from Pokezring
  2. how do i edit the default size when client opens?
  3. If you need a mapper message me.
  4. Thanks (:, should be done in about a week.. give or take. then ill think about releasing
  5. will be taking offers for sale, map will be done roughly 2 weeks from now.
  6. Nope, completly raw. Western Cerulean Outskirts Cerulean City Eastern Cerulean Outskirts Lavender Town Saffron&Celadon
  7. More images, coming friday (:
  8. Thank you (: might release it to the public when its finished
  9. I'd have to finish it first aha
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