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  1. Exori.Rocks is an OT Server of the old school (version 7.7) and the client has --custom sprites--... Some features are: • Very high experience rate (x1000), this is a fun-war server. • You will have a lifetime premium account, you will never pay for VIP stuff. • You will never loss any point of experience, skills or magic level at dead (only items, so rememeber use AOL). • We have the original Cipsoft virgin files, the original and cool stuff (without some encrypted or compiled things). • Our custom client has --bot integrated-- and is completely legal to use. • You will never get banned for excess killing! This is WAR SERVER and you will get experience by killing other players! • You will get Runes and Amunitions x2 (conjured and in the shop). Start your adventure and be part of our community! Please visit: Exori Rocks - 2D MMORPG (http://exori.rocks/) See you in game, warriors. Have fun!!!
  2. We are online now! Ultima Alianza Tibia is a serious longterm lowrate RPG game with multiple worlds around the globe! We combine the classic map of Guia3d with the Global map. For information, please visit the website: http://uatibia.com Create your account already here: http://uatibia.com/register.php Download the custom client to play here: http://uatibia.com/downloads.php IP: uatibia.com Port: 7171 Release date: [Saturday, November 10, 2018].
  3. • Global updated. • All items updated and working. • Prey System running. • Imbuing System running. • All addons and outfits including Retro. • Mounts 100% working • New monsters 100% • Roshamuul (Lower Roshamuul) Quest • Forgotten Knowledge Quest • Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest • Deepling Outfit Quest • LVL 999 port • Heart of Destruction Quest • Cast System with exclusive commands • Reward Chest divided correctly • Hotkey Equip with anti wpe • New Bank System (you do not have to carry gold coin with you at all times) • Walkable Fields (Monsters do not go through certain fields, unless they are attacked) • Anti-Kick Protection • Regeneration of Stamina in offline and online coaching • Global Frag System with the command !frags or !kills with command !pz know the time of your pz. • Cleaning of houses after 5 days inactive • Exhibition of blessings (Team with golden edges as long as you have all blessings) • Wrap Furniture System (packaging of decorative items) • Golden Tokens System (Critical Weapon Creation / Leech - NPC Yana) • Silver Tokens System (NPC Cledwyn) • Automatic PvP events, Battlefield - Last Man Standing - Zombie - Bomberman - Snowball - Castle War Guild • Private War with several options for better team balancing (War Anti-entrosa) • Otherworld, Krailos, Gray beach, Roshamuul with resources, Halls of Hope Warzone I, II, III, Ascendant Ferumbras, Hearth of Destruction, Grimvale etc ... 100% • New Vocations Wizard, Shaman, Scout, Hunter, Soldier and Warrior • Guia3d world with new cities http://uatibia.com/register.php - Create Account http://uatibia.com/createcharacter.php - Create Character http://uatibia.com/downloads.php - Download Client
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