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  1. ============================================================================================================== [ENG] * Hello ALL ! * I would like to invite you to the new WoDBO2 server! this server is based on good old wodbo! with small additions such as: new items / new expowiska / new quests / new spells / autoloot system / war system / auto stack system / daily events + event shop the map is reworked but a lot has not changed much I invite Dragon Ball OTS fans! I invite everyone who wants to play good old WODBO! Website: http://wodbo2.pl/?subtopic=latestnews Discord: https://discord.gg/W6EURXj YouTube Server Video: ==============================================================================================================
  2. Tenho um servidor wodbo 8.0, uso o NicawACC atribuído a ele e gostaria de criar uma SMS SHOP, para o servidor, alguém pode ajudar? --- Me desculpe, mas eu uso um tradutor I have a server wodbo 8.0 from NicawACC maker and I want to have a sms shop on the server or can someone help me? --- I'm sorry but I use a translator
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