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Olá Tibiano! Notamos que você está com um adblocker ligado... 

Nós promovemos servidores dentro da comunidade, para que eles tenham visibilidade.

Por favor, nos ajude a continuar promovendo esses servidores. Adicione nosso domínio na whitelist de seu adblocker, ok? :)


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  1. Server Information: - 10.98 highrate custom map with teleports - Website: Latestnews - Raxandor Website - IP: raxandor.pl - PORT: 7171 - Vesrion 10.98 custom OTC - Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) General Information - Unique 8 Classes with 16 Sub-Classes! - Upgrade System create powerful items! - Reborn System make you character stronger! - Craft System craft strong SET and Weapons! - Promotion and Sub-Class Quests! - Unique Skills! Foto down! - Auto Loot System with auto pickup gold and send to bank! - Events with Item Shop Items! Events - Weapon Effects each weapon have special attacks more here: - Spirit System Spirit is the spirit of race. There are 8 types. Each of them strengthens your character. - Bosses each boss can drop material for best EQ in game! - Monster Level 5-100 increase Exp, Atk, HP and Speed! max 20% more! Sever Configuration: - Exp rate: starts at 500x - Loot rate: 5x - Skill rate: 5x - Magic level rate:5x Premium: - Gain 25% more exp - Gold drop +10% - Duration forever! VIP: - Gain 25% more exp - Access to VIP Castel with new EXPs - VIP Dummy faster skilling! - Stamina Room walking gain stamina! - Gold drop +20% https://www.youtube.com/embed/FcOs5LvzIt8
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