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  1. Why ? Please tell me more, maybe theres a thing, which we can improve
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to tell you some words about our unique project - poke-journey! What can you find in poke-journey? The opportunity to make your poke dreams come true - you can catch them all Every poke monster have own statistics, which can be developed with lvl, Huge amount of poke skills, Fully customized client. Autoupdates. Custom protocol. Sound effects and original sound track. Bosses, Gyms, Events, Chests, Pokemon catching system like in the Reds Different Tasks and Daily Quests. Custom, complex system of spawning posses and rare pokemons, Custom quests. Pokemon fishing, Shiny pokemons, TM's/HM's - items which allows to teach new moves, Custom website, Custom forum. Autoloot Be active on the discord - every idea will be considered Check some screens below:
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