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  1. Start 05.05.2012r. 18:00 IP: Detoria.PL Port: 7171 Version: 8.6 eral Server 24hrs, stayed in the U.S. Global map including Full Full Zao and more Various News: WoE, Zombie Event, Event Coliseum, Dota Event, Bonus Addon, Task System 100%, etc. War System.. Extreme gameplay (or hunted Wars) Houses Over 1500 and 7000 Respawns To purchase promotion just say! Promote (cost 20k) Make = Addon Addon Doll Items needed or in the shop server Almost all the items do not require level of utilization To reload Firewalker Boots says: !firewalker , !soft Attack Spells runas heal 100% identical to the Global Tibia Delay of 1 second to push Server Save every 2 hours (option !save) Self Clean 5 in 5 hours. Frags for Diaries RED SKULL = 20 (Red lasts 2 days) Weekly Frags for RED SKULL = 100 (Lasts 2 days red) Monthly Frags for RED SKULL = 300 (Lasts 2 days red) Frags daily for Black = 31 (black Dura 4 days) PVP level 50 : faster regeneration All Backups happen on Tuesdays 4 for notations deleted say bless! Bless (Note: bless costs 50k and also serves as AOL! ) The use of BOT is allowed, if exessivo we move it to a pz zone. ree Account Regeneration Hp / mana slower. access to various quests and cities free Guilds access to almost all spells Free / Premium To change sex say !Changender 4 Outfits 12 Free and Premium outfits erver Rates Skill: 15x Magic: 5x Drop: 3.5x Xperience Level "1" ao "50" = "150x" Level "51" ao "80" = "100x" Level "81" ao "100" = "50x" Level "101" ao "120" = "30x" Level "121" ao "140" = "20x" Level "141" ao "160" = "10x" Level "161" ao "180" = "5x" Level "181" ao "350" = "3x" Level "351" ao "xxx" = "2x" n Game Commands !frags !online !buypremium !buybless !guildmessage !changesex (needs 8 days of premium account) ouse Commands !buyhouse (Buy House) !sellhouse (Sell House) alana sio (Kick Player) aleta grav (List Players) aleta sio (Guest List) aleta som (Sub Owner List) alana som (Leave House) ity Free (Carlin) (Thais) (Venore) (Yalahar) (Svargrond) (Zao) (Farmine) (Edron) (Kazodron) (Darashia) (Ankrahmun) (Liberty Bay) (Port Hope) (Ab dendriel) (Oken) (Gengia) (Khalahari) (Ashmura) (Murnia) (Kyra) (Icya) (Vengard) (Thorn) (Materos) (Dathios)
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