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Found 3 results

  1. Já imaginou como o Tibia seria com SOM? E agora isso se tornou realidade com suporte a mais de 180mil sons! e sistema climático FX neve, chuva, poeira, nevoa e outros! tudo isso no clássico Tibia Oldschool 7.x! SISTEMA DE NEVE SISTEMA DE CHUVA And our powerful sound system, with a capacity of more than 180 thousand sounds! Rates: Experience: 500x Skills: 5x Loot: 1x Host: Xeon x3220 @ 3.20GHz (Quad Core Processor) 60/60 MB Dedicated Connection Hosted in São Paulo, Brazil (Average ping for USA + EU is < 120) (Average ping for BRA is < 15) Features: Global Old Map 7.4 com as cidades atuais do tibia (Carlin, Thais, Venore, Ab'dendriel, Kazz, Edron, Liberty Bay, Yalahar, Svargrond, Port Hope, Farmine and others!) The new cities included in old Tibia have all the appearance and gameplay of old Tibia! Sound System (Complete sound system with support for more than 180 thousand sounds, making sound from the steps, spells, items, runes, and ambient sounds of caves, and all the speeches of the monsters!) A new gaming experience! FX System Snow, Rain, Spark, Fog, Dust, Water Bubbles, Sunbeams and other visual elements! A new feature to enhance the in-game experience with visual elements contrasting to the beautiful old graphic! Widescreen and Ultra-Wide monitor support We support wide monitors, open vision, you fill more in the game 7.x Gameplay gameplay do antigo tibia, com funcionabilidades de várias versões (6.0~7.4~7.6~8.3) Monsters can be lured from far away Runes without level Armors without vocation Traps with pots Spells 7.4 UH & Manafluid and others. Ant-Bot - Ant-Mc An ant bot system that randomly exchanges the object IDs for the same object with different ID, making it practically impossible to use a bot for large advantages. All donations can be optionally obtained in-game! Social Media: Facebook Screens: Website: OverBash www.overbash.com
  2. REALOTX OPEN SOURCE DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/brewsterl/RealOTX-7.72 SOURCE: https://github.com/brewsterl/RealOTX-7.72/tree/master/sources (The Forgotten Server Team, Kaiser (mattyx14))
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