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Dinera.net Real Map Tibia Ots

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Hello, I wish to present a unique server that is

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Without beating around the bush, some information:

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port 7171

ip dinera.net

Exp Stages

1-50: x 400

50-80: x 200

80-100: x 30

100-120: x 10

120-140: x 7

140-160: x 3

160-200: x 2.5

200-250: x 2.4

250-300: x 2.3

300-350: x 2.2

350-400: x 2.1

400 +: x 2

Skills: x 50

Magic Level: x 10

Loot: x 3

Houses: 200 lvl +

Protection level: 100 lvl +

PZ Lock: 60 seconds

White Skull Time: 5 minutes

lvl 50 at every next lvl 50 you get a certain quantity of crystal coins!

lvl 180 at every next lvl 20 get 30 points for premium sms shop!

The first 20 people with lvl 100 will receive 300 premium points to sms shop and so that every next 100 lvl! [/ B]

As you can see you do not need to send text messages or make transfers, for example, you get points. For Levels, but not only.

DO NOT BUY THE BEST of items in SMS Shop!
They feature is available only with exceptional own custom quests:

As you can see there are quite a few, and they are 100% quests customowe.

Ots has its own system tasks, from those who are on the Hellhounds RL tibia and Juggernauts.

With better bosses fly shop items with sms and not only, for example:

Loot of a Ethershreck: a frag remover, the calamity.
Loot of a Jungler: a jewelled backpack, a demonbone, dragon scale legs, a addon doll.
Loot of a Zanakeph: a random present bag, a demonwing axe, a frag remover, a upgrading rune, a addon doll
Loot of a Kerberos: a fireborn giant armor, a solar axe.
Loot of Demontero: a demon backpack, 5 crystal coins, a solar axe, an ornamented shield.

Bothered you that after 2 weeks of the game you had a couple of backpacks CC and you do not what to do with them ???
-Nothing In this. On the Server Characters are upgrade runes, the 250cc one.
Each item can be improved 6 times, so to improve the whole EQ have to be as many as 48!
Each upgrade increases def fleece or attack the course of two, so you can feel the difference in the defense of having full on 6 eq.

Example improved the course:

Dinera has a unique system of raids and bosses customowe challenging even for well well ripped and high-level team, here's an example of the fittest:

13:32 You lose 4688 mana blocking an attack by Infernatil.

Server has 4 additional cities - Ghenov, Oken, Gengia, Pyre.
Oken, Pyre Gengia and are very powerful, has added a huge amount of exp.
Each city can move to another on foot - with Gengii to Oken, with Oken to Pyre, and Pyre to Ghenov.
In addition, the Gengii can get to the Fibula: D



I wrote many attractions not because there are just too much.
At the start serva pockets probably about 600-1000 people
Also, I would recommend a return to the old and some of the best times of Tibia: D

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